I am sorry to see that Moscow is still closing tram lines. I wish they would learn the hard lesson we in the USA have had to learn... And thanks again for your wonderful work.
Paul M. Weyrich, USA

The Moscow electric tramway celebrated its centennial in 1999. For more than a hundred years it runs along the Moscow streets. One can say that tramway (or trolley, in American) is an outdated and archaic transport... But it honestly does its hard job, and does seem ever young. The light rail (this simply means just another name for tram) in the world is again considered to be the transport of the future, and it is being constructed throughout the world - in London, Paris, Geneva, Berlin and many other small and large cities. Unfortunately, the authorities of Moscow still think in terms of 1950's, when it was decided that the tram should be totally removed from Moscow streets by 1980. In fact, the year of 1980 is in the past, but the tram has survived. So let us wish long life to the tramway of Moscow, despite of current Russia's economical problems!

You can find a lot of information concerning the Moscow tramway system by visiting the Moscow Tramway Site. And the pages you are looking at will show you the modern life of tramway in Moscow. It is advised to view the general information about Moscow Tramways with a brief description of some terms before browsing the site, but of course it is not necessary.

The sections of this site are grouped in a geographical order, from the city centre towards the outer districts. Each section contains from 2 to 7 images, average size of each is 30-50 Kbytes. They are optimized for 800*600 screen resolution; unfortunately, I had to reduce the quality of images to meet the storage space and the download time requirements. However it may take 1-3 minutes for a page to load, so please be patient. Some pages are available only in Russian version, because I update it in first turn, but the English version of them is to come as soon as possible. Yet you may still look at photos even if a description is not understandable!

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Latest changes and news

The tram network of Moscow is still very large. I do my best to update this site regularly, so if you are interested in updates - bookmark it. And if you have not been in Moscow yet - visit this still beautiful and rapidly changing city, and you will see that it is not limited to the Kremlin and central squares. The spirit of Moscow cannot be found in overcrowded tourist places and vast asphalt deserts, it hides in small lanes, green yards and boulevards.

The history of previous modifications since 31 May 1999 can be seen on dedicated page, although I think no one would ever wish to look at it.

This schematic map of Moscow tramlines may be useful for you (the routes are not dealt with here; the current route map can be found at the Moscow Tramway Site). The existing lines are in red and the lines that have been closed since 1985 are in green.

Moscow tram lines West North-West Centre - West Centre - North Centre - North-east North North-East East Centre Centre - East Centre - South-east Centre - South South-West South

1. Centre

2. Centre - West

Closed since 30 October 2000:

Closed since 26 May 2002:

Closed since 25 December 2004 :

3. Centre - North

Closed since 2 November 2002:

4. Centre - North-East

5. Centre - East

6. Centre - South-East

7. Centre - South

8. West

9. North-West

10. North

11. North-East

12. East

13. South

14. South-West


Closed commuter railway lines

Electric transport in Czech Republic, by Richard A. Bilek (formerly available at www.tramvaje.cz)

A few views of russian and european tram cities I have visited (in Russian only, but with lots of photos). Follow the ">>" links on each page to navigate.

This site is absolutely unofficial and exists since 1999. If you wish to know more about the famous Moscow tramway, you surely must visit the comprehensive (but also unofficial) Moscow Tramway Site - there you can find information about history, current events, fleet and routes. Another "must visit" site is the Light Rail Transit Association's, where you can find lots of interesting information and a great number of other links. And, of course, you will find Gordon Stewart's great tramway photo collection at his site; some of the items are used by me with permission.

Any suggestions, questions, additions and corrections are welcome. English is not my native language, so please let me know what must be corrected. And if you have any Moscow tramway photos you could share with other tram enthusiasts, such your contribution to this site would be highly appreciated (I mean scans, of course, not prints). It is rather difficult to find old tram photos, for many reasons - for example, we here in the Soviet Union could hardly dream of colour photos until 1990's, while Western tourists already had excellent films and cameras long ago...

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